Co-lab on hybrid working – best practice tips

Remote working, hybrid teams, digital nomads, the gig economy and a globalized labor market. What will the future of work look like and how can we prepare for the “new normal” already today? Those were some of the questions raised on our track at Internetdagarna in the end of November. We’ve now summarized the learnings from our joint co-lab on hybrid ways of working!

Participants and speakers on Svenska Nomader’s track ‘The future of work’ participated in a joint co-lab with the aim of identifying solutions and tips on hybrid working methods. In hybrid teams, some work on site from the office while others work remotely; something that is expected to become increasingly common in the future and that puts new demands on communication, cooperation and leadership.

The participants on the track discussed challenges and solutions in break-out groups and the results were documented using Mentimeter. A total of 304 people were registered for the track. The following report is a summary of the discussions and recommendations that arose during the day linked to remote and hybrid working methods.

Download the full report: Co-lab on hybrid working methods (In Swedish)

Some top tips for working in hybrid teams from the co-lab:

The second part of the co-lab was about exploring opportunities with hybrid working methods and sharing tips and ideas on how best to work in hybrid teams.

Define routines and expectations
Clarity about how each team member is expected to communicate, when one should be available and on which platforms. Have common ground rules that everyone knows. Write a team contract.

Clarity in all meetings
There must be a clear agenda and a goal with each meeting. Educate employees on how to create inclusive and effective digital meetings. Include interactive elements in meetings.

“Digital first”
Start with those who work remotely to ensure that everyone is included in meetings and daily work. Give everyone equal space in meetings; preferably, everyone should be visible in the image from their own device.

Choose one platform to work on
Make sure the whole team knows how to use your one dedicated platform for communication  and use it consistently – not too many systems!

Communicate a lot and work in open documents
Have a common digital arena where employees tell what they do, what they have done and what they should do next. Work in open documents and share unfinished material with the opportunity to work in the same document at the same time to simplify collaboration and collaboration.

Don’t forget the social parts
Set aside time for social gatherings, such as walk and talks or morning coffee with colleagues.

Dare to test!
No one knows the exact answers to everything, but together we will find ways forward!

We shape the way forward together

Making sure the tech is up and running is an important part of making the hybrid working life work, but far from everything. Adopting hybrid approaches is about more than using digital tools; it’s about creating a corporate culture that truly embraces digital. It all comes down to finding good communication and working methods that can really benefit from the digital possibilities. Work in open documents and share unfinished material. ‘Working out loud’ is becoming increasingly important, ie constantly updating others in the team about what you are working on. Take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate and build on each other’s work and projects, regardless of physical location.

No one is sitting on all the answers and the key is to dare to try something new within an organization. We also learn a lot from sharing knowledge, experiences and lessons with each other. So let’s continue the dialogue going forward.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to our co-lab on hybrid working methods, both in the studio and behind the computer screen! And many thanks to our friends at the Internet Foundation for the opportunity to be responsible for the track on ‘The working life of the future’ this year!

Download the full report: Co-lab on hybrid working methods (In Swedish)

This post was originally posted in Swedish on Co-labb: Tips kring hybrida arbetssätt

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