Who I am:

I am a freelance digital communications consultant within Social Media and Digital Marketing. I’m passionate about new media, and how to start conversations and build relations both online and offline. I love the startup-vibe. I’ve been running my own business, Fågelstedt Kommunikation, since 2010. I’m also a public speaker and writer on digital trends and the future of work. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, but often on the road. Recently back from 2,5 years in London, UK and 1,5 years working in the start-up scene in Tokyo.

Visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more: se.linkedin.com/in/emeliefagelstedt

I am the co-founder of Svenska Nomader - Sweden’s largest platform for digital nomads. We are a platform where individuals, companies and society can meet to discuss ideas and findings about the labor market of tomorrow as well as to engage in collaborations and projects with each other. We work with both private companies and government organizations to better understand and prepare for changes on the labor market.

In my free time, I love to explore the world, and had a personal goal set of visiting 50 countries before I turned 30. In November 2016 that goal was reached with a trip to Namibia. Read more about the project here: fiftyby30.com.

Photo: Magnus Laupa
Photo: Magnus Laupa


What I do:

I help companies set a digital communications plan, by focusing on target groups, goals and resources. I help integrate social media in the communications strategy, to increase success rates and conversions generated by digital activities. I also help companies with social advertising to drive web site traffic, likes, engagement or conversions, according to the current objective. I work with public relation strategies, and help companies identify journalists, bloggers and influencers, as well as put together an outreach plan. I can also assist with branding activities, and help management teams brand or rebrand their business. I especially enjoy working with startups in helping them position themselves on the market, as well as with government agencies to help them better navigate the future of work.

I have supported 100+ companies and organizations since 2010. My clients can be found across several industries, including eCommerce, IT, mobile, media, HR, entertainment and education.

I am a public speaker on digital communication and the future of work. I also act as a moderator for different events.  See a list of my upcoming and previous talks and gigs here.

I offer training in social media and content management, to make sure a company has the understanding of and can handle their digital presence. As well as in how to thrive as an organization in the future of work.

For several years I also acted as a freelance writer for several publications, in Sweden and Asia, and I occasionally still do. Find a list of published articles here.

I was part of starting up the educational program “Marketing communicators within Social Media” at Nackademin in Stockholm and am also a guest lecturer at the school. I also act as a guest lecturer and a trend scout at Changemaker Educations and Futuregames. I have been a guest lecturer on social media at both Stockholm University and Södertörns Högskola, as well as at several companies.  I have been a keynote speaker and moderator at several events such as eCommerce Summit, Webbdagarna, Internetdagarna, HR Dagarna, and more. See a list of my previous talks here.

Contact me:

Drop me a line at emelie@fagelstedt.com.

Photo taken in Tokyo by me with the selfie stick from my first web shop: www.selfiestick.org
Selfie taken in Tokyo with the selfie stick from my old webshop selfiestick.org – from when I introduced the selfie stick on the Swedish market back in 2014.