Emoji and Sticker marketing – a growing trend from Asia

We love to communicate with emojis – smiley faces, red hearts and of course the always fitting party popper. In fact, over 6 billion emojis and stickers are sent every day on messaging apps, according to London based startup Swyftkey. No wonder brands are starting to catch on, realizing that they can connect with their customers by becoming a part of their everyday visual communication. The concept of emojis originally comes from Japan, but the use of “picture characters”, as the word translates to from Japanese, is today loved by everyone owning a smart device. In an article for Swedish digital business magazine Internetworld I recently interviewed WWF, Coca Cola, and  Bris — Children’s Rights in Society , about the emoji and sticker campaigns they have launched on the European market this spring.


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Visual news in social

The past few days have brought us some interesting new updates in the social media landscape, bringing us farther along on our visual social journey. Instagram released new photo editing tools for their app; and a few days later Instagram ads were rolled out internationally. LinkedIn brought us a new, more visual profile design. And Facebook released Slingshot, competing with ever so popular app Snapchat. (more…)

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Det går i svart och vitt

Logotyper alltså. Har ni reflekterat över att i princip varje logotyp är just svartvit inom mediebranschen? Titta bara på fyra av våra största medie- och reklamskolor:

Redan från dag ett på utbildningen lär vi oss att just svart och vitt är de färger som gäller. Vad kommer det sig egentligen?

Tack till Camilla på Trib. för spännande diskussion om detta imorse. Nu är det dags att sätta lite färg på tillvaron tycker jag!

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