Visual communication in Japan – and the rise of LINE

Visual communication, stickers and emojis, are ever so important in Japan, and all over Asia. They are an essential form of communicating – fun, easy and fast. To succeed in the Japanese market, one needs to see to the way of communication here. And that is, basically, by going visual. A fantastic example of this is the exploding growth of mobile app LINE – “-Mobile messenger app with various stickers and free voice & video call”. (more…)

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Renewal and change of language

Happy new 2014! I moved to Tokyo, Japan last week and am just getting settled into the way of things here. Trying to learn some Japanese, and am trying to decipher the first of three alphabets that I need to learn as we speak.

It’s a new year, and I am at a new location. For this reason, I will also be renewing this blog and start writing in English. Another exciting thing is the fact that my focus as of now will not be just on Western digital trends, as often turns out to be the case when in the West, but I will be focusing on the APAC region as well, in an attempt to make sense of the digital landscape globally. (more…)

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