Digital Nomads – working from anywhere

In a digital world, we can work from anywhere. Next month will mark the 5th year anniversary of my freelance career. In 2010, when I was still a communications student at Stockholm University, I decided to start my own company and start supporting smaller organizations with social media strategy and management. This was just at the dawn of businesses starting to realize the value of social media. Today, five years later, my experience from the digital field allows me to work with clients from all over the world; while I myself can work physically from anywhere as long as I have a stable Internet connection.

The concept of living as a digital nomad is becoming all the more acceptable and popular – with the Internet erasing country boarders and making it possible for people working in the digital field to have the whole world as their playground. Basically, people can live of their backpack and go work from wherever they please, while supporting their clients online.


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Keynote Speaker at Nordic eCommerce Summit

In the beginning of November I was invited to Nordic eCommerce Summit at Malmö Arena, the largest e-commerce conference in Scandinavia, to speak about social media and e-commerce trends coming from Japan. In my talk, I covered the basics of  e-commerce in Japan, examples of companies I think are doing a good job in caring for their customers and clients online, and overall, how social media and e-commerce are merging together. I also shared my story about – how I started importing selfie sticks to Sweden from Asia earlier this year, and how the selfie stick has become a branding opportunity for my personal brand. And also, how hyping a new product in a new market can be good PR for any e-commerce site.

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“Building your personal brand with the perfect photo”

Yesterday I published a column in Resumé, the Swedish leading industry news site about Advertisement, PR and Digital, about the era of Selfies and Usies, as well as the rise of the Selfie Stick [in Swedish]:

“Vi lever i en tid där både politiker och religiösa ledare, kändisar och astronauter, gamla skolkamrater och kollegor, alla dyker upp på selfies och usies över hela nätet. En tid där selfie-brödrosten från Vermont presenteras på marknaden och vi plötsligt kan rosta oss själva på frukostmackan. (more…)

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I am happy to announce that I’ve just launched my first e-commerce site:!

It all revolves around the awesome Selfie Stick that I’ve spotted people running around with in Tokyo and Seoul. Why shouldn’t we be taking equally great selfies in Europe? With a Selfie Stick, you can expand your smartphone up to 109cm in front of you, ensuring that you capture more of your surroundings in the picture. It’s also great for experimenting with bird’s eye view and low angle views when taking a photo. (more…)

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Travel blogger at!

I am very happy to announce that as of a few weeks back I am an official travel blogger at – the largest travel magazine in Sweden. Here, you will be able to follow my adventures in Tokyo, Japan, as well as other trips I take around the world as part of my personal goal to visit 50 countries before I turn 30. Visit the blog here: (more…)

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