The future of the internet – breakfast talk with Akamai and Tom Leighton

Last week, I had the opportunity to take part in a breakfast talk together with Dr. Tom Leighton, the CEO and co-founder of Akamai, as well as some of the brightest minds within digital and the internet in Sweden today. The focus of the talk was on cyber security, online behavior, internet traffic and where the internet is headed next.

We were a group of eight people that met up early Friday last week for an in-depth conversation about challenges and opportunities that face the internet today. Akamai is a global content delivery network, enabling delivery of digital experiences and live streams for the world’s largest companies, as well as cyber security solutions. Akamai’s platform delivers around 30 % of all internet traffic today.

Some of the discussions concerned the constant threat of cyber attacks that companies and governments face today, how bots are becoming all the more intelligent but also how AI is used to fight off attacks. We also discussed what will happen when the whole world comes online (today around 55 % of the world population are connected) and how online streaming and online gaming are increasing internet traffic. Finally, we discussed how IOT and Blockchain are two areas that will be interesting to watch going forward.

Apart from Tom Leighton, the participants were Brit Stakston, Stakston PR, Joakim Jardenberg, Jardenberg Inc, Karin Bäcklund, Not Just Cake, Johan Wahlberg, SVT, Fredrik Ögren, Bonnier News and Thomas Lyckedal, Dreamhack. I acted as the moderator of the talk.

Thank you also to Elisabeth Bitsch-Christensen at Akamai Sweden and Mikael Westmark at Westmark Information for the invitation to join and take part in the conversation.


Following the breakfast, Joakim Jardenberg also did a webcast with Tom Leighton where they discussed how big the internet can become and if it in fact might break in the future. Watch ensakidag (one thing today) with Joakim Jardenberg and Tom Leighton below:

Emelie Fågelstedt

Independent communications strategist supporting organizations with their digital business and communications strategy since 2010. Founder of digital agency Fågelstedt Kommunikation and co-founder of Svenska Nomader, Sweden's largest platform for digital nomads. Public speaker on tech, social media, e-commerce and the future of work.

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