Tech Trends 2016

Virtual reality, health tech, wearables, music tech, fintech and robot technology are some of the tech trends that’s got everyone talking this year. For Internetworld, I’m currently doing an article series exploring the different hypes, highlighting some of the most interesting examples, and talking with experts on the different areas.

Music tech

Streaming services have changed the game of music forever. DJ:s are now center stage in front of tens and thousands of people rocking the computer as their instrument of choice. The music scene is adapting to the modern world, with connected instruments, smarter software and computers that can write their own music.

London based Jukedeck have developed a AI music composer that can write it’s own original music, developed to help video producers, creatives and game developers with background music for their creations. The service is free to use, and all songs are royalty-free. Swedish / Italian start up MIND Music Labs are developing Sensus, the smart guitar, that will allow the musician to have the whole studio in his/her instrument, play together with friends at a far distance through Wi-Fi and share studio quality songs directly to social media.

In December, Björk realeased one of the world’s music videos in virtual reality. The V Motion Project in New Zealand allow you to create music though human movement. Computers are able to predict what music we like through music intelligence, like Spotifys ”Recommendations” that suggests 30 personalized songs every week. And the Finish service DeepBeat can write its own rap lyrics.

Internetworld article (in Swedish): Nu är det datorn som skriver musiken och den smarta gitarren som styr på scen


Wearables are opening up for a whole new level of availability and direct contact with customers. At the same time they are allowing companies to create smart services catering to customers health in order to build a closer relationship.

Internetworld article (in Swedish): Wearables ger kontakt med kunden på en helt ny nivå


Virtual Reality

Today you can travel the moon or climb Mt. Everest, without leaving your living room. Brands can use virtual reality to open up now, inaccessible places for their customers – like runway shows or far away cities.

Internetworld article (in Swedish): Så använder du VR-teknik för att skapa mervärde för dina kunder



Cars, smart watches and smart pads keep track of your health and help you out if you need it.

Internetworld article (in Swedish): Nu kan bilen och den smarta klockan hålla koll på hur du mår



Smarter financial solutions are challenging traditional banks, disrupting the whole financial sector. New players are quicker, more cost-efficient and able to offer isolated services as opposed to focusing on everything at the same time.

Internetworld article (in Swedish): Fintech – så utmanas traditionella banker av nya spelare

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