Solving information overload – less is more.

In today’s society we are connected and communicating at all times. From the moment we wake up, before even getting out of bed, we start by checking our smartphones. And the day goes on the same – we are connected. We talk with people and people talk with us. On the train, at work, during lunch, going out, at home. In fact, it is claimed that we check our phones 150 times a day. That’s unlocking your phone every 7 minutes on average when awake.


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Mobile highlights from the past week

I do weekly media surveillance covering the latest news in mobile. Some highlights from the past week as follows:

In a recent study from Nielsen, it was announced that Facebook is the most popular mobile app across all devices. eMarketer released a study stating that mobile ads are six times as effective as standard banners. And a report from International Data Corporation states that mobile devices are projected to overtake PCs as connections to Internet by 2015. The amount of people accessing the internet from mobile devices is predicted to see an annual growth rate of 16.6%.

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