I am a public speaker on digital trends and the future of work. Below is a list of some of my recent talks:

2017-08-31, Goto10, Stockholm: Digital Nomad – how to become location independent
(with Svenska Nomader)

2017-06-02, Landing Careers Festival, Lisbon: Should companies be pushing for remote?

2017-05-13, Geek Girl Meetup, Stockholm: Inspiring women in tech – Elisabeth Tegner-Stipendiet

2017-05-10, eCommerce Sthlm: Why your employees are your most valuable marketing assets
(with Branding’em)

2017-03-21, Webbdagarna Stockholm: Editorial team member and Moderator

2016-11-03, Google Campus, London: Become your own brand influencer
(with Digitalx2)

2016-13-21, Webbdagarna Stockholm: Editorial team member and Moderator

2014-11, Nordic eCommerce Summit, Malmö: eCommerce in Japan and the selfie stick


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